The philosophy of Incubate Printmaking is one of artistic collaboration and innovation, combined with technical tuition, to generate a high quality artistic output.

Incubate welcomes anyone, whatever their level of artistic ability, to explore their creativity through the limitless medium of printmaking.

All of the techniques seen here range from the very simple to the uniquely challenging. If you are completely new to printmaking, that’s great! Group beginners classes are available on request, or we can arrange individual tuition specially tailored to your needs.


This beautiful print was made by pattern surface designer Shiori Naruse. Using the screen print technique (also known as silk screen) she painted several layers of ink, and then pushed the colours through the screen using a squeegee. This is known as a mono print, because there is only one impression produced.

Incubate encourages this playful dance between careful design and unpredicable beauty.

You may wish to become more skilled in a printmaking technique, because you want to work independently. We can give you the training and the skillset to make your own prints. We are a team of skilled printmakers willing to share our knowledge and experience with you.

This might take the form of learning how to screen print, making your own screen and knowing all the tricks used in making a limited edition. 

We can teach you how to carve and print a lino block, etch metal for intaglio, or expose your own handmade photographs.


Artists need time to develop. We have worked with many artists who are simply looking to explore ideas, test things out, building a portfolio or a body of work.

We accommodate those with experimental ideas and wish to explore new ways of working

All the techniques that you see on this site, we teach in the form of classes and one to one sessions. Please go to our shop to book onto any classes that are coming up!

We also do unique classes such as Experimental Drawing and Printmaking with Pottery, like the above artwork made with Muddy Fingers Pottery!